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BitFenix Alchemy 2.0 LED Strips Now Available

alchemy2_0 green

First previewed at Computex Taipei, BitFenix’ updated Alchemy LED strips are now much easier to install more than ever. Instead of using adhesive, the new Alchemy 2.0 LED strips have embedded magnets (sintered ndFeB) so they are easier to install inside most cases or even components such as radiators and power supplies. What about cases that are non-magnetic? Well that is what the original Alchemy 1.0 LED is for! Both original Alchemy and Alchemy 2.0 LED strip uses 5050 SMD Tri-LEDs with a brightness of 60 lumens (give or take 10%) and has a color rendering index of 80. Each LED strip is coated with high clarity polyurethane and is daisy chainable with each other to create longer strips.

The new Alchemy 2.0 LED strips are available in five color options: purple (new by popular demand), white, red, blue and green (now fine-tuned to match NVIDIA green). Users can choose between different length options starting with a 12cm (4.75″) with six LED chips inside and three magnets, 30cm (11.8″) with 15 LED chips and six magnets as well as a 60cm (23.6″) version with 30 LED chips and 12 magnets.

Press Release:

Alchemy 2.0 LED strips now make it easier than ever to illuminate your system thanks to powerful magnets embedded directly into the LED strip substrate – It only takes a minute to open your case, connect the alchemy strip to your PSU and attach it to your case!

Whether you want to simply illuminate your components with natural looking white light or give your system a cool color theme with either red, blue, green or purple alchemy strips, or illuminate the bottom of your case to give it a cool bottom glow, theres no faster and easier way to make your system look like a lean mean gaming machine.

Alchemy 2.0 magnetic LED strips are based on the same TriBright 5050 SMD LED modules used in our original alchemy LED strip lineup, but feature a number of improvements:

  • Based on popular demand we fine tuned the wave-length of the green LED strips to match the NEON yellow-green on High-End VGAs
  • Based on popular demand we added PURPLE as an all new color option
  • For the easiest cable routing the 4pin component power cable features a pass through connector and is daisy-chainable, the LED strips themselves are daisy-chainable and we increased the length of the power cable to a generous 50cm
  • On top of this, we embedded a small powerful magnet in the power plug itself so it doesnt pull down the LED strip, making cable management easier than ever.
  • Thanks to the flexible PCB carrier Alchemy 2.0 magnetic LED strips attach to uneven or round steel parts and can be installed around 90 degree angles reaching from the front of the case, to the bottom and then rear.

TriBright 5050 LED

TriBright LEDs offer far better color tones, glow brighter, last longer, and scatter light more evenly than conventional LED strips, and as a result cast very soft diffused shadows instead of hard shadows cast by narrow angle single LED modules.


Tiny but powerful magnets embedded into the high transparency Polygurethane substrate allow you to attach Alchemy 2.0 magnetic LED strips to any steel part of your case, radiator shrouds, power supply cover and more.



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