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Closer Look at the Primochill Praxis WetbenchSX

The Praxis WetbenchSX is Setting Another Standard for Test Benches

Praxis WetbenchSX Kobe backplateI’ve developed somewhat of an obsession with test benches. All my systems are now installed on some form of testbench or open-air system. The closest thing to a case I use anymore is a Thermaltake Core P5, without the glass of course. I’ve been in search of the perfect testbench. Something that can replace the Praxis as my main bench for Modders-Inc. Well, on February 27th, 2020, my search ended when I walked up to the PNY booth at Pax East and got my first glimpse at the new Primochill Praxis WetbenchSX.


To say I was excited is an understatement. I spotted the new Praxis WetbenchSX from about 100 or so feet away. I knew exactly what I was looking at and ran to the PNY booth where Primochill had the WetbenchSX set up on display.

Praxis WetbenchSX aio bracket

I was aware there was a new Praxis Test Bench in development. But I was completely unaware of the fact there would be two new models of the Praxis test bench. I have always been a fan of the slanted design of the original Praxis Wetbench. But the new flat design has really grabbed my attention. Each design has base models, as well as the Pro models.

Praxis WetbenchSX base model slanted
Praxis WetbenchSX Slanted Base Model

The Pro model adds an additional side AIO/radiator bracket, a bottom radiator bracket as well as the fan arm. Primochill is offering an array of accessories that will allow you to fully upgrade your new Praxis WetbenchSX. Essentially every bit and piece of the Praxis WetbenchSX can be purchased separately. With the base models, you can build up your own design by separately buying the options you want. So, if you want to purchase the base model to save some money, but then realize you need a fan arm, you can buy it.

Praxis WetbenchSX base model flat
Praxis WetbenchSX Flat Base Model

With the new WetbenchSX, Primochill also offers an all-new flat design for those that prefer the look.

There are also some vast differences between the original Wetbench and the WetbenchSX. Unlike the past model, the new Praxis WetbenchSX can hold up to four 480mm radiators. This may seem like overkill for your everyday user, but as someone who tests hardware for a living, I see this as a great option.

Praxis WetbenchSX fully upgraded slaned model
Praxis Wetbench Pro Slanted Model Fully Upgraded

For testing purposes, one of the biggest drawbacks to the original Praxis Wetbench was in regard to reviewing AIO coolers.  This is no longer an issue as the design and options Primochill now offer with the all-new Praxis WetbenchSX. The option for two radiator trays that attach to either side of the motherboard tray can hold up to a 480-millimeter radiator on each “wing”. This also takes care of the problem of not being able to mount an AIO cooler to the back radiator bracket.

The WetbenchSX still has the same rear-mounted radiator bracket on the rear of the bench. This rear bracket can hold up to a 480 mm or even a 560 mm radiator externally and a 280 mm bracket internally.  In addition, there is also mounting for up to a 480-millimeter radiator on the bottom of the test bench next to the power supply. There are also two spots on the motherboard tray for mounting gooseneck fan brackets. I haven’t confirmed this, but from the images, it looks like the gooseneck can hold 120 mm or possibly a 140 mm fan.

WetbenchSX Accessories fan bracket

There are plenty of options for storage as well. The Praxis WetbenchSX has the ability to mount up to four hard drives or SSDs. You can also install two 5.25” drives as well. The motherboard tray can hold either a MITX, mATX, ATX, and eATX motherboard. For a power supply, the WetbenchSX can hold power supplies up to 300 mm in length. On both models, there are numerous mounting options for pump and reservoir combos. The sides also have holes for G ¼ bulkhead fittings, if you decide to mount a radiator on the bottom of the testbench.

While at Pax East 2020, we actually came across the all-new Praxis WetbenchSX in the wild, at the PNY booth. The system Primochill had on display at the PNY booth was running an I9 9900k on an EVGA Z390 Dark. The graphics cards is a PNY RTX 2080 ti XLR8 Overclocked. The GPU has a custom-designed Kobe Bryant themed backplate, made by V1 Tech and it looked amazing.

WetbenchSX Pax Build

Praxis WetbenchSX Pro model slanted 5

Praxis WetbenchSX aio bracket 2

It’s very rare that any product actually lives up to the rumors and hype that surround it pre-release. The all-new Praxis WetbenchSX not only lived up to my expectations but far surpassed anything I could have fathomed. To be honest, the slanted design is similar to what I had envisioned, while the flat design excited me. It is great that Primochill is now offering more than one design to their Wetbench.

WetbenchSX specs

At the time of writing this article, we are still unaware of the release date or pricing on the Praxis WetbenchSX. but as soon as we know we will share all the information that we get.

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