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DimasTech EasyXL Test Bench Review

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DimasTech EasyXL Test Bench BlueAs a hardware reviewer and a hardware junkie, I constantly swap parts in and out of the various PCs I have around the office. I’m constantly swapping this for that etc. Traditional PC cases make it very difficult and time consuming to swap parts. Over the years there have been various styles of open air test benches. I remember my 1st test bench; it was essentially a metal frame with two pieces of Lexan for the motherboard and accessories, needless to say it didn’t work out all that well. But times have changed. More and more metal heavy duty testbenches are available on the market. DimasTech specializes in test benches. If you live in the U.S. you may not have heard of DimasTech, but hold on, they have recently secured distribution in the U.S. DimasTech has a multitude of test benches available in all sizes and accessories to support each one. The DimasTech EasyXL test bench is the largest test bench they produce and we have it on the table for review.


  • CNC Laser cutting of SECC Sheet thickness 1.5 mm
  • Hand-Welded
  • Powder/Dust Painting with Painting Furnace
  • Finish and Quality Control  in accordance with Strict Standard
  • “Made in Italy”

 Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility with Motherboard ATX, Full ATX, MicroATX, Mini ATX,  NanoATX, XL-ATX,  EATX, SSI-EEB, SSI-CEB, MiniITX
  • Installation of up to 3 devices 5.25 inches
  • Installation of up to 4 Hard Drive 3.5 Inches – (Optional Installation up to 8 Hard Drive 3.5 Inches – BT149)
  • Wide Area under the Socket for Heat Sinks Removal
  • DimasTech® Reset and Power Switch Buttons with LED Ring and Couple of Cables
  • 10 PCI Slots
  • Compatibility with Power Supplies up to 22cm in Length,
  • DimasTech® Knurled Screws – M3 and 6-32 (Step UNC) complete with DimasTech® Knurled  Nuts – all made of Anodised Aluminum
  • DimasTech® Rubber Feet
  • 2 DimasTech® FlexFan 120 V2.0
  • Lower drawer with sliding track and fixing with ThumbScrews on Sides
  • Quick Release Support Removal with DimasTech® Antivibration Hardware
  • Model Written Product with Laser Cutting
  • Positioning Devices Supports Modulable
  • Totally Tooless
  • Possibility Mounting DimasTech® Panel – I / O V2.0 (including 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Audio IN / 1 Audio OUT , 1 E-SATA) – (Sold separately in the Accessories section BT163)
  • Compatibility with Radiators up to 420×2 (Fans 140mmx3) – Radiators 120, 140, 240, 280, 360, 420, Black Ice Sr 360 and Black Ice Sr 420 (20mm fan space)
  • DimasTech® Pumps Supports compatible with DDC (DDC 3.25), DCC (DCC 300, 500, DCC-1RT), D5, AQUASTREAM XT, SANSO- PD054
  • Possibility mounting RADEXT (up to 360 Model) on the upper part of the Bench/Test Table with Tooless fixing system (on both sides L and R) – (http://www.dimastech.it/IT/c/dimastech-waterstations/convogliatori/1/)
  • Full Compatibility with the Supports of the Series Mini V1.0


  • 480mm Depth x 490mm Width x 205mm Height (Height is measured by considering the Rubber Feet and not considering the 25mm spacers to support the Motherboard and Expansion Board Support)

Package Includes:

  • DimasTech® Bench/Test Table EasyXL
  • 1 DimasTech® Hard Disks Support x 4
  • 1 DimasTech® Optical Drive Support x 3
  • 1 DimasTech® Expansion Boards Support 10 Slot
  • 1 DimasTech® Power Supply Support
  • 1 DimasTech® “Brass Knuckles” Support for Organizing Tubes 16/17
  • 1 DimasTech®   Pumps Support
  • 2 DimasTech ® FlexFan 120 V2.0
  •  A Complete Kit of  Screws, DimasTech® Knurled Nuts and Screws for Expansion Boards Support, DimasTech® Special Rubber, DimasTech® Push Buttons (Reset  and Power – with LEDs Ring) and Cables and DimasTech® Rubber Feet
  • 15 DimasTech® Spacers 25mm
  • 1 DimasTech® Sticker
  • DimasTech® Complete Installation Manual (Downloadable from the DimasTech® WebSite in the Product Paga, directly from the News Section or in DimasTech® Blog – All in Accordance with the Environment)



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