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Cooler Master Introduces MWE Bronze PSU Series

Cooler Master Introduces MWE Bronze PSU Series

Cooler Master has a new power supply series targetting the mainstream system builder. The MWE Bronze series with its DC-to-DC topology and 80-Plus Bronze efficiency offers excellent value to performance ratio. It may not be modular but it makes up for it in other features.

Cooled by Cooler Master Silencio Fans

Cooler Master Introduces MWE Bronze PSU Series

It uses a 120mm Silencio fan with its swept fan blade design and LDB bearing so that it can cool the active components without generating as much noise. Plus, Taiwanese capacitors inside provide less ripple and noise than generic components. In fact the MWE Bronze series has been tested at 45 degrees celcius to perform within 80-PLUS Bronze efficiency sandards.

MWE Bronze Series Lineup

The Cooler MWE Bronze is available in 450W to 650W models. A 750W unit will also be available soon for those who want more headroom for their system build.


“Choice is the vision behind the MWE Bronze series. With the MWE series, users don’t have to sacrifice silence or reliability when considering a Bronze power supply,” said Ron Classen, Director of Product Marketing for Cooler Master’s Power Solutions Division.

Each MWE Bronze series PSU is covered with a 3-year global warranty. It is available starting September 2017.

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