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CableMod Launches DIY Cable Extensions: ModFlex™ Sleeved Wires and Connectors Bring Infinite Possibilities (PR)


May 26, 2015 – Since the very beginning, CableMod has been introducing new ways for enthusiasts to customize their PCs with a wide selection of premium cable kits. Today, CableMod is bringing customization to the next level by introducing CableMod ModFlex™ Sleeved Wires and CableMod Connector Packs – two items, when combined, allow users to customize their very own cable extensions.

CableMod ModFlex Sleeved Wires come with the very same ModFlex™ Sleeving that is featured on the award-winning CableMod Premium Cable Kits. These sleeved wires come without heatshrink to ensure a clean look, and each one is precision cut for optimal results. Each pack comes with four wires, so it’s easy to mix and match the colors you want.



To complement these sleeved wires are CableMod Connector Packs. Five main connector types are available, and each pack comes with one male and one female connector – enough for one cable extension.

Making your own custom cable extension is easy. Each end of the sleeved wire is protected by a color-coded silicone sheath. Simply remove the protective sheath, match that color with the color indicated on the connector, and plug the wire in – it’s that easy. With CableMod ModFlex Sleeved Wires and CableMod Connector Packs, making your very own great-looking custom cable extension can be accomplished in minutes.

CableMod ModFlex Sleeved Wires are available in three different lengths, and 11 luscious colors:

Colors Lengths
·     Black

·     Red

·     Blue

·     Green

·     Orange

·     White

·     Light Green

·     Light Blue

·     Purple

·     Silver

·     Yellow

·     8″ (20cm)

·     16″ (40cm)

·     24″ (60cm)

CableMod Connector Packs will offer the following connector types:

  • 24 pin ATX
  • 8 pin EPS
  • 4 pin ATX
  • 6 pin PCI-e
  • 8 pin PCI-e

To see the entire selection of sleeved wires and connectors, head over to the official CableMod website at http://cablemod.com/

About CableMod

Made from premium materials and crafted with the utmost care, CableMod cables are engineered for more than just function; they are built to delight and inspire. By utilizing choice components, these cables are constructed without the use of unsightly heatshrink. Tweaked with input from the modding community and offered in a large selection of colors, CableMod cables can turn even the most ordinary systems into works of art. For more information, visit the official website at http://www.cablemod.com/.

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