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Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB Review

A Wallet-Friendly Closed Loop CPU Cooler

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Final Thoughts

Throughout our testing, the fans were audible, and even during the overclocked load testing, they still never got loud. The stock scores were very impressive, with the processor staying well under 60 degrees Celsius even under a punishing load. But those overclocked temperatures got rather high, though we did add a considerable amount of voltage. Although the ML240L RGB performs admirably, it’s not the best option for serious overclockers. We believe that this cooler can excel with overclocking when paired with a more aggressive fan curve, but a lot of what we love about the ML240L RGB is that it’s so easy to set and forget. We like that it doesn’t have a software utility sucking up precious CPU cycles. Creating a custom fan curve is a relatively simple exercise with most modern motherboards and third-party utilities, just know that this will be necessary if you really want to push your processor to its limits with this cooler strapped to its heat spreader.
As of this writing, this cooler was available from a variety of web outlets for $70 or less, which is incredibly affordable when you compare it to most other similar-looking 240mm radiator-equipped AIOs on the market. If you’re going for that clean AIO look with some sweet RGB action that plays well with most of the proprietary RGB brands on the market, then the Cooler Master ML240L RGB is a solid and sharp-looking choice.

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