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Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R RGB AIO CPU Cooler

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A Closer Look at the MasterLiquid ML240R

The cooler itself features the radiator and pump/waterblock. The radiator is a dual 120mm fan style with an overall length of 277mm end to end. The tubing that runs from the radiator to the pump/waterblock is pre-sleeved. Inside, the tubing is made of FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) and has high heat resistance and chemical resistance. Since the tubing actually absorbs very little moisture, using it in a closed loop water cooler is a good fit.
MasterLiquid ML240R

The radiator measures just 27mm tall not including the fittings. Again, designed to fit in some really tight spaces. A nicely finished aluminum housing surrounds the cooling fins giving a nice finished look.
MasterLiquid ML240R

Fin density of the radiator is fairly dense. There are a couple of little quality issues here. The photos below are right out of the box. As you can see there’s a couple of bent fins on the radiator. While it’s not really a big deal to straighten them back out, I’d like to see a little more care taken. This radiator is made from aluminum and the fins are quite soft. It really doesn’t take much force to bend them.

MasterLiquid ML240R

The pump/water block is a two-part component. The upper sections of the component feature chambers and an impeller that pushes the liquid around, under those chambers and still exposed to the liquid inside, is the cold plate. The cold plate sits on top of the CPU and transfers heat from the CPU heat spreader to the liquid inside the pump. Cooler Master says this pump has been redesigned and features dual chambers and new materials for construction that help resist a range of chemicals. All of this is done to increase the life expectancy of the pump and keep the cooler running longer. Externally, there’s a center cap that can be removed and Cooler Master provides files for you to 3D print a custom one. Under the cap are 12 ARGB LEDs set below a white plastic diffuser.
MasterLiquid ML240R

The pump measures in at 52.7mm tall with an overall width of 83.6mm including fittings. The tubes feed into a plastic housing to the pump. The tubing is finished off with heat shrink tubing over the ends where it goes over the fittings. There are two cables on the pump. One connects to your motherboard to manage the speed and noise of the pump. The other connection goes either to the included ARGB controller or can connect to an ARGB header other controllers which include the headers on your motherboard as long as they are the 3-pin (4-pin with one removed) ARGB headers. Some Gigabyte motherboards will need an adapter.  With the many proprietary connectors when it comes to lighting, I have to give props to Cooler Master for keeping their connectors inline with the current standard.
MasterLiquid ML240R

On the bottom side of the MasterLiquid ML240R’s pump is the cold plate. This cold plate is made of copper. There is a sticker on the bottom of the plate that needs to be removed before installation. A total of 10 fasteners hold the cold plate into the pump housing. On the internal face, microchannels are used in order to maximize the contact surface of the water which allows for more heat transfer to take place.
MasterLiquid ML240R

The cold plate does show machining marks but is very flat and should sit flush on the IHS of the CPU. MasterLiquid ML240R


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