Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Advance II High Performance Gaming Mouse

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 cm storm sentinel advance ii cm storm sentinel advance ii
 cm storm sentinel advance ii

The packaging of the Sentinel Advance II comes decorated with the all the flair and gusto that we come to expect from the folks over at CM Storm. The artwork  is designed to catch the consumer’s eye and it accomplishes the task. The front of the box prominently displays the Sentinel Advance in large detail clearly showing the mouse. The back of the box details the specifications of the mouse detailed above. However, if you still want more information on the Sentinel Advance II just open the front flap on the box and there is plenty of information on the inside of the flap that details some of the features of the Sentinel Advance II. After a flurry of ripping cardboard and some miscellaneous plastic bits, we get to the goods.  


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