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Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Advance II High Performance Gaming Mouse

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storm sentinel advance iiWhen it comes to mice, not one manufacture can make one mouse to fit everyone. Each person is unique in his or her physical attributes as well as his or her likes and dislikes. The uniqueness of each person is one of the reasons that there is a vast selection of mice. A mouse is a very personal item and what fits and works for me may or may not work well for someone else it is completely dependent on the person using it.

In September of 2009, I had the opportunity to review the latest and greatest mouse from CM Storm: The Sentinel Advance. After that review, I switched to that mouse for daily use as well as for gaming. The mouse performed well and was comfortable to me. In 2012, CM Storm released an evolutionary updated mouse: The Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Advance II.

Does the Sentinel Advance II live up to the legacy laid down by its sibling? Continue reading to learn the answer to that question. 

Features & Specifications



  •          200 – 8200 DPI tracking resolution
  •          128 KB Sentinel-X TM Memory for profiles and macros
  •          On the fly DPI adjustments (+/- 200 DPI)
  •          As little as 1.5 mm lift-off distance
  •          Up to 150 IPS – 3.8 m/s
  •          125 Hz – 1000 Hz USB rate fine-tuning
  •          5 profiles with 4 DPI setting each
  •          8 programmable buttons
  •          9 virtual buttons via button combinations
  •          Right-hand Ergonomic Design
  •          Customizable OLED logo
  •          Customizable multi-color LED light system
  •          5 x 4.5g weight fine-tuning system

Model Number


Available Color



Form Factor

Right Hand Ergonomic


Avago ADNS-9800 Laser Sensor 


Programmable Button


Onboard Memory

128 KB

Polling Rate

1000 Hz /1 ms


Up to 150 ips


30 g


83.6(L)x135(W)x40(H) mm
3.3(L)x5.3(W)x1.6(H) inch


139 g / 0.31 lbs


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