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CORSAIR 680X RGB Tempered Glass PC Case Review

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From this view, we can see a majority of the items that make this PC case different than most. Made of metal, plastic, and glass is nothing new, but the style, design, and layout are. On three sides of the Corsair Crystal 680X, we have some sort of tempered glass. The top and front pieces of glass cover the ventilation opening and where either fans or radiators may be installed. The largest piece is the all glass (minus the hinges) side panel.


Let us start our journey of the Corsair 680X at the top of the case and we find that you have buttons and connection available to you. The buttons include the power and reset, while your other connections are placed between them. The ports that you can access are mic/headphone, Type-C 3.1, and USB 3.0. It might seem like a minor detail, but I do like that the rest and power buttons are not next to each other to help prevent those accidental button pushes.

Sliding over to the left we get a better look at the top panel and the glass that decorates and protects this area. I know the first thing you are saying is “That glass will restrict the air flow!”. As we can see that the glass is raised up off the top of the case and is totally unblocked on all four sides. A rough measurement gives us a total of 22.5 square inches of open space for the air to escape.

If you would like to remove or replace the tempered glass, four thumbs screws can be removed and then the smoked glass can be taken off.


Looking at the front of the Corsair 680X we see the second piece of glass. Like the top piece this on is raised off the front of the air intake about .5 of an inch and is 18.5 inches long and 7.5 inches wide. Although it is raised off the case the front panels are made to blend the glass into the design. Along the left side of the front panel eight .5 x 1.5-inch vents are added to increase the amount of air allowed into the case. I looked on how the panel could be removed and found that it would require a small Philips screwdriver and probably 20-30 minutes as it appears that you would have to take most of the front section apart.


Moving to the right side of the case, which has a solid side panel, we see that there is plenty of air intake. An included magnetic fan filter is placed over the perforated metal. Why is there an air intake placed here? This is where the intake of the power supply will be getting its fresh air.


The rear of the case gives us a glimpse of what the inside might be like. The right looks like your typical modern day pc case, but it is quickly noticed that the power is over the left and has been turned vertically. Above that we can see were plenty of air can flow in or out of the Corsair 680X with or without the assistance of fans.


Turning the case so that we can see the bottom allows us to see that a plastic removable dust filter covers an opening that enters the main cavity of the case.

Article Index: >>    « Introduction to the Corsair 680X RGB PC Case | A look inside of the Corsair 680X RGB »

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