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CORSAIR 680X RGB Tempered Glass PC Case Review

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It is about time that we jump into the inside of the case, but first, we get a pretty good view of the left, all glass, side panel. A black stripe along the edge of the panel helps hides the sides of the metal case giving it a cleaner look. Two hinges are at the rear and are attached to the panel with a single screw on each hinge.


The door is held closed with lightly powered magnets at the top and bottom right side of the glass. Just enough strength to panel closed and that a slight tug with allow the door to open.  A single screw on the top hinge can be removed to allow the entire door to be taken off for easy access.

The all-white interior matches the outer color keeping the “snow blind” look intact. A huge hole in the motherboard mounting area gives everyone a generous amount of access to the backside of any motherboard installed in the case. 9 rubbers grommet pass through areas and three small holes at the very base give any PC builder plenty of options to run wires and cables.


Included with the Corsair Crystal 680X is an SP120 fan at the rear. From this viewpoint, there are vertical GPU mounting slots available with all the other normal I/O port outlets.

Turning our attention the front side we see that we also get 3 LL120 RGB fans with the purchase of the Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB. The three LL120 RGB fans give you a total of 48 customizable RBG LED’s. If you noticed there are two thumb screws just off to the right of the top and lower fans. Once removed you can take out the whole panel with the fans are attached to it.


The two front panels (one left, one right) can be removed to get access to those areas behind them to do what you like.



The top inside of the case shows us where you can install fans and radiators of different sizes. Once again with the removal of two thumb screws, you can completely remove the mounting bracket.


A true totally tool-less storage cage made of plastic allows you to put plenty of 2.5 and 3.5 drives into the Crystal 680X. For the 2.5 size drives, all you need to do is insert them till you hear a click, while the 3.5 drives have just a few more steps of removing the holder, insert the drive while letting the 4 pins snap into the screw holes. Then all you have to do is replace the holder, with the drive, back in the cage and you are all done. Let’s say you do not need four holders for SSD’s. simply remove the ones you do not need. The 2.5 cages are locked together with “arrow” shaped tabs that when tugged on snap apart and back together again.

Mounting of the power supply is pretty straight forward. Make sure you remove the small holding tab on the larger plate. This small tab, once reinstalled, will keep the PSU from moving around during transportation. 4 rubber pads isolate the PSU from the mounting hardware thus helping to eliminate any possible noise to be transferred to the case.


What we see here is the Lighting Node Pro… and this what? This turns the Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB into a smart case which allows you to control and synchronize RGB lighting through the Corsair iCUE software and across all iCUE compatible products that include fans, RGB LED light strips, DDR4 memory, keyboards, mice and more.


Article Index: >>    « Closer Look at the Corsair 680X RGB PC Case | Hardware Install »

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