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Twelve CPU Air Cooler Roundup

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Thermaltake NiC F4

The NiC series from Thermaltake is designed to be a non interference cooler. This means that with both fans installed, the user will be able to fill ALL the RAM slots on their motherboard. Specifically this cooler was designed to cool up to 180 watts.


P/N CLP0606
Compatibility Intel LGA
Heatsink Dimension 155H*140W*50L mm
Heatsink Material Aluminum Fins
Copper Heatpipes
Heatpipe Φ6mm x 4 pcs
Fan Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm(L xW x H)
Fan quantity 2 pcs
Fan Speed Twelve CPU Air Cooler Roundup AMD, be quiet!, Cooler Master, Enermax, Intel, Noctua, Phanteks, Thermaltake 1800-1600RPM
Rated Voltage 12V
Start Voltage 9.0V
Rated Current 0.17A
Power Input 2.04W
Air Flow 79.283CFM
Air Pressure 1.911 MM-H2O
Noise 18.0~ 30.2 dBA
Life time/Fan Life time 40,000 hours
Fan control PWM
pin connect 4 pin
Cooling Power 180W
Weight 688 g


DSC_0264 DSC_0265

The packaging for the Thermaltake NiC F4 is very simple. This is not the traditional flash we see from them. The box details out features and specifications.


CPU Cooler RoundupThe contents of the Thermaltake NiC F4  includes everything you will need to get the CPU cooler installed on top of your motherboard.


DSC_0270The Thermaltake NiC F4 is a 120mm tower cooler. It features four 6mm heat pipes that run through a tower of fins.


DSC_0273From a straight on shot, you can see just how much space is between the fins on the cooler. This should ensure maximum airflow through the tower and help keep the CPU cool.


DSC_0298The base of the Thermaltake NiC F4 is nice and flat. If the base of the cooler is not flat, it will not make full contact with the CPU and cooling capacity will be diminished. There are minor machining marks in the heat pipes and this cooler is considered heat pipe direct touch.

DSC_0286Dual 120 mm PWM fans are included with the Thermaltake NiC F4. The fans share a common connection to the motherboard so only one motherboard header is needed to run the set.


DSC_0291The fans feature a split blade design. This should allow the fans to move more air with less noise. These fans are rated at  79.28 CFM and a noise range of 18-30.2 dBA.


DSC_0035Installation was a snap. Insert the four threaded posts through the back plate and through the motherboard. Install a couple of spacers on the posts, mount the brackets and screw down the Thermatake NiC F4.


DSC_0038All dressed and ready to go. The NiC series of CPU cooler from Thermaltake is non interference and the CPU cooler clears the RAM slots.


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