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Creative Sound BlasterX H6 Review: Features and Price and Everything Nice

Sound BlasterX H6

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Final Thoughts

The best way to test headsets is just to use them. I have been using Creative Sound BlasterX H6 headsets for about a month. I am extremely picky when it comes to my sound. “My sound” is what makes me experience music and gaming in my way. With the H6 on my head, I was able to enjoy easy listening to music/movies and gaming. Is the sound you get out of the H6 is the same quality as some of the higher-end headsets? Probably not but at a great price point of just about $80, it is a great choice for all-around headsets. Sound reproduction in-game is very accurate and does not get distorted at higher volume levels. With increased bass level you can feel every explosion as it was meant to be experienced. What made the Sound BlasterX H6 a good value is a software, Sound Blaster Connect. With the help of Sound Blaster Connect, you can quickly customize the sound and the look of your H6.

The microphone on the H6 also works very well. With noise reduction enabled communicating with your team members is as easy as talking them on the phone. If Smart Volume feature is enabled it helps with normalization when communicating with friends. Your friends will hear you clearly without any need for you to shout or whisper. I haven’t seen any issues with the microphone as it works as advertised. The removable microphone is a good feature as well. Sometimes you just want to watch a movie or listen to your favorite band and to be honest having a mic on the side of your face could be distracting.

Preset equalizer has three settings. One setting brings all of the optimizations to an average level and drops the bass and treble. This makes sound flat and almost not usable unless you are doing strictly chatting. Voice to Voice communications in this mode works well. In the second pre-set setting I feel that some of the EQ settings were tweaked to give you more clarity from the gaming sounds and ambient noises. The third pre-set is probably the best out of three. In this pre-set, you can clearly hear the bass and treble. Making it vivid for high-end audio games like Battlefield or Modern Warfare.

Sound BlasterX H6

RGB functions of the H6 are customizable only with Sound Blaster Connect. By utilizing SBC you can customize the color and pattern of RGB rings on each of the cups. With 16 million available colors to choose from it is safe to say anyone can customize the RGB rings to their liking.


Right now the H6 is comfortably priced for about $80. There is a wide range of gaming headsets that are available on the market with similar specifications and features. Most of the gaming headsets on the market use Neodymium magnets which provide much more punch of sounds with less power and weight and H6 has them as well. I strongly feel that Creative has positioned itself as a strong competitor in the gaming headset market. The bottom line is H6 worth the investment and will build quality last for years to come? From my experience with this headset, I have not noticed much wear and tear but I can see that by using H6 regularly the ear cups will wear our and so will the headband cushions. The ear cups could be replaced with ease however, headband might not be an easy fix. The overall construction of the headset is well built and should last for a few years with normal use.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an overall gaming headset, the H6 would be a good and affordable candidate. If you want a little bit more performance for little more money the H7 might be a good candidate as well as it has a built-in DAC for high definition listening. Great product. The Sound BlasterX H6 is highly recommended for low to mid-range headset budgets.


Modders-Inc Recommended Hardware Award

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