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DimasTech EasyXL Test Bench Review

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A Closer Look

DSC_0791 I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been drooling over one of DimasTech’s benches since I first heard of them and at that time distribution was only in Italy. So when this massive box showed up at my doorstep I couldn’t help but get excited. Recently DimasTech has secured  distribution in the United States and their products are available. The box is very plain and simple, only DimasTech’s logo is seen on the outside.   DSC_0793 The installation/accessories that are included with the EasyXL test bench have everything needed to get the system up and running. Included are PCI-E bracket, water cooling hose bracket, two flexible fan mounts, power & reset switches, rubber feet, and the screw kit.   DSC_0914 All the screws come packed neatly in a round container. Practically every screw needed is in here.   DSC_0917 Here are all the fasteners that are included with the EasyXL test bench. Some of the fasteners have been removed from the bench and included in this photograph. The long screws at the right of the photograph are the motherboard stand offs. There are two specific fasteners that are featured at the top center and they are used to secure the PCI-E bracket.   DSC_0804 The DimasTech EasyXL test bench lives up to the XL namesake. The test bench is huge and can support large eATX motherboards. The sample we were sent is the Aurora Blue but DimasTech has them available in Black, Grey, While, Yellow and Red. The default kit ships with a 5.5″ bay and a 3.5″ bay. Both are removeable. On the DimasTech website other accessories, such as 2.5″ bays are available.


DSC_0815Moving to the back of the EasyXL test bench the power supply and water pump mounts are shown. Again these can be completely removed and remounted in a number of different positions based on your needs.

DSC_0822The top of the EasyXL test bench is blank when it’s unpacked, but there are plenty of slots and holes to run cables and wires through. The case also has a cut out to install and remove CPU cooler backplates without having to remove the motherboard from the test bench.

DSC_0819The underside of the EasyXL test bench is used to complete the mounting process for the brackets such as the power supply or pump mount. You can see there are many options left even as the stock brackets are mounted.


DSC_0814Each side of the EasyXL test bench is setup to hold up to a 420 mm radiator. 120 mm, 240 mm and 360 mm radiators will mount as well. DimasTech has done a lot of work and research to make the mounts compatible with most of the radiators on the market however, in your travels you may fine one that doesn’t mount up correctly.


The far left side on the front of the EasyXL test bench features the model name and the two holes for mounting the switches.



Before we move into the installation, I want to speak on the build quality. DimasTech’s products are made in Italy and the main body and frame are CNC machined, not stamped steel. Pictures don’t really do the product justice. Every place that needs to be welded, is hand welded by a person, not a machine. All the edges on the product are nice and rounded with no sharp edges. The product is then powder coated to give it a nice long lasting finish. Overall at this point the build quality is outstanding.



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