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Enermax GraceFun Case Unboxing

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Enermax has a PC case that they call, GraceFun. Where does that name came from, I am not sure but what you can say is that it is original. Speaking of original, this new case has some features that you might find on a much more expensive computer case, at a much lower price (about $60 USD). With a steel front cover plate, 4mm smoked tempered case, power supply shroud, set up for dual liquid cooling, support for 7 fans for optimal cooling and a few other details,  so at that pricing it is a deal. Available in black or white with the same smoked side panel and a rear 120mm blue LED fan.

The case is mostly made from commercial cold rolled steel with the top and front bezels made of plastic. The top panel of the case is able to support both 240mm and 280mm Radiators, while the front can support a single 240mm radiator. Of course each of theses areas and also use a 120mm radiator setup.


During our unboxing video we dive deep into the GraceFun and take it all the way apart showing you all the ins and outs of the Enermax GraceFun ECB3090 ATX case.

Enermax GraceFun Top Enermax GraceFun Air Flow Enermax GraceFun Features

Enermax GraceFun

Model Number ECB3090BM-01 ECB3090WG-01 ECB3090BM-03
Color Black Matte White Glossy Black Matte
Dimensions D450 x W208 x H520 mm
Material 0.6mm SPCC
M/B Type ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
I/O USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio
Drive Bays 5.25″ 1
3.5″ 2
2.5″ 5 (2 converted from 3.5″ Trays)
Expansion Slots 7
Fan Slots Front 2 x 140/120mm (1 x 120mm fan pre-installed)
Top 2 x 120mm
Rear 1 x 120mm
(1 x 120mm LED fan pre-installed)
1 x 120mm
(1 x 120mm Circular LED fan pre-installed)
PSU Tunnel 2 x 120mm
Liquid Cooling Front 280/240mm (60mm clearance)
Top 240mm (63mm clearance)
Rear 120mm
PSU Standard ATX Type
Maximum Compatibility VGA Card Length: 390mm
CPU Cooler Height: 156mm



One Comment

  1. The front intake and top exhaust is greatly choked already with the flat panel and minimal air slots. Do not even bother putting a filter over fans there…as a matter of fact I just ripped of the top panel altogether; threw it aside. The front panel, pulled it off but lean it against the case and now the airflow is amazing! With proper fans and leave the glass on this case is amazing for airflow! I run fans in all 7 slots, 2x 4000RPM fans on the front-top intake and one for the rear exhaust. Use fan controller to fine tune the high speed fans and an additional high speed CPU fan and you will not believe the temperatures I can maintain with this setup. I highly any sort of water cooling would wield better results and as a matter of fact water cooling might be a downgrade.

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