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Enermax SteelWing Case Review

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The SteelWing is a new direction for Enermax and I will have to say that it is well needed. Getting away from the basic black case with plastic body is always welcomed in our book. Taking the jump to a new look and style for any manufacture can be risky, but I think Enermax has taken steps in the right direction. Making a small (D387 x W176 x H300mm) is a great way to see if you are moving in the right direction with lower numbers to produce and lower cost. The Enermax SteelWing has the look that can be pleasing to a broad audience that wants style with a small foot print. Being able to hold a full-size graphics cards means that you can make the SteelWing into a small and powerful gaming machine. A few things that I would suggest for version 2, if there is one, is that the left side panel be an aluminum panel that matches the right side panel. The tempered glass is the new “In-style” look for all cases, but putting a window on a case that has no wire management possibilities is not always the best choice. I would also suggest the moving of the motherboard mounting just .5 of an inch inwards to create a small amount of wire routing. This would have made all the difference in cleaning up the inside of the SteelWing.  Taking it to the next step I would also look at pushing this design to the mid-tower arena. Overall I think the Enermax SteelWing is a good Mini ITX case that has the potential of being a great Mini ITX case.  The design and color combinations does grab your attention making you want to see more about the case.

Modders-Inc Recommended Hardware Award


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