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Enermax T.B.VEGAS SINGLE 120 mm Fan

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Final Thoughts

Red Enermax T.B.VEGAS SINGLE 120 mm FanUsing the Enermax T.B.VEGAS SINGLE 120 mm Fan in a case will certainly give it some flare. For a case cooling fan it should work well, but if you are thinking about using it to replace your current CPU heat pipe cooling fan then you need to look at a few factors. Will it work with the mounting hardware the cooler has. Does the fan CFM match close enough to not decrease the cooling power of the cooler.

So we have looked at all the features that the Enermax T.B.VEGAS SINGLE 120 mm Fan has to offer. This fan has a lot more to it that what meets the eye. From it’s stylish looks to the patterns it can create in the fan. Sure I know some of your are thinking a fan is a fan, and well for you you’re right. But for those that want more from your fans now have an option. Why can’t you have a fan that works well, looks good and helps make a statement about your case all at the same time. Toss in the facts that you can limit the top speed of the fan for the cooling and noise you want and that you can take it apart to clean it makes it an easy choice to grab a pair of them and take your case to the next level.

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