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Fractal Design Lumen S36 RGB Review

Lumen S36 RGB AIO Water Cooling

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Final Thoughts

Fractal’s Lumen S36 RGB is an extremely easy and pleasurable AIO system to work with. The pump is quiet and you cannot hear it running 4000RPM. The fans on the other hand do produce some noise at about 71dB(A) running at full speed. However, the Aspect fans are PWM so the speed will be controlled by the motherboard based on the CPU temperature. The RGB functions of the Lumen S36 RGB work very well.  The included Aspect Fans have ARGB capabilities so you can take the advantage of customizing your case with any color you would like.  What I really like about this AIO system is that it is compatible with multiple motherboards and their sync software.

Lumen S36 RGB

The price of Fractal’s Lumen S36 RGB is about 130 $ USD. Similar 360mm AIO systems on the market cost about the same and some a little bit more. I personally think Lumen S36 RGB is priced just right for today’s market. If you are looking for an affordable AIO system, consider Fractal’s Lumen system. You are not going to be disappointed.

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