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Fractal Design Lumen S36 RGB Review

Lumen S36 RGB AIO Water Cooling

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A Closer Look at the Fractal Lumen S36 RGB

The dimensions of the radiator are 27x392x120 mm. The color of the entire radiator is Black and the construction of it is out of Aluminum. The IO ports of the radiator are non-removable and are supported by rubber circular fittings There is a service port on the right of the IO fittings if you have to add or flush the radiator.

The CPU block has a Copperplate that is not polished to reflect. In the middle of the Copper, plate Fractal includes a small area with pre-applied thermal paste. Most of the CPU block is made from ABS plastic even the 90-degree fittings.

The top of the CPU block is made from ABS plastic as well. The plastic is seen through so the RGB color will be able to escape. The RGB functions of the CPU block will be powered by the 3 pin RGB connector.

The pump itself is a DC pump and is inside the radiator. The pump speed is static and is 4000RPM +-10%. Lumen S36 RGB pump also features a ceramic bearing that generates only 22dB(A) with 51 L/H.

Lumen S36 RGB comes with three 120 mm Aspect RGB PWM fans. These fans have white non-ribbed fins and operate at 2000 RPM max.


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