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Fractal Torrent Compact PC Case Review

Mid-Tower Sized High Airflow PC Case

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Fractal Torrent Compact Assembly

Unlike some other cases, there are no tricks to getting your hardware installed into the Torrent Compact and it is straightforward. The power supply that I chose is the Fractal Ion Gold 850 Watt. As you can see it is a fully modular power supply. The max length of power supply you can install into the Torrent Compact is 210mm. The power supply I installed is 150mm in length.
Fractal Torrent Compact


The motherboard I chose for this review is the Aorus Z490 Master. As you can see it does a really good job of filling up the space available in the Torrent Compact. Once again, the motherboard installation was straight forward and I didn’t have any issues. Fractal Torrent Compact


Before I go any further, I have to talk about a real bonehead move I pulled in this case(besides the Noctua cooler being mounted with the logo upside down, I know.)


So here goes, originally, I had planned to install a 360mm AIO for the CPU. However, I started test fitting it without the fans mounted to the front of the radiator, as in I was placing the radiator on the front mounts for the 120mm and the 140mm fans. Guess what, it didn’t fit. It hit the underneath of the top of the case just behind the front I/O panels. It never occurred to me while I was test fitting the cooler to add 25mm or so to the depth. If I would have done that, it would have cleared easily.  So I went for an air cooling build instead.

The Noctua D-15 fits in here without an issue and should keep the 10900K pretty cool at stock conditions.
Fractal Torrent Compact


My original plan was to also install the MSI RTX 3080 Surpim in the Torrent Compact. It will not fit. The distance between the rear PCIe slots and the front fans is about .5mm shy of allowing me to install it. With a little thinner fan it would have gone in without issue. So instead I opted to install the Nvidia RTX 2080 Super FE.
Fractal Torrent Compact


The backside of the case is where I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the wiring. There’s not an easy way to go about it. It takes time. The first time I thought I was done, the panel would stay closed. So I went back again and again, moved wires here and there, and finally, I got to the point where it was staying closed. Honestly, a custom set of power supply cables would look really good here. Some of the stock cables on the Fractal ION gold were just a tad too long. Which means I’d have to take the extra length and push it through into the motherboard side. While it didn’t look bad, it just wasn’t really what I wanted. However, it is still acceptable. Even after fully assembling the case, I’m considering tearing out all the cables and re-doing them. Remember when I said get your cable management skills ready?
Fractal Torrent Compact



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