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As I have recently completed my third year of engineering in university, I have started my sixteen month internship. When I told my friend I was working for an aerospace and defense manufacturing company, the first thing he asked me was, “Yo, want to hook me up with a lightly used, low mileage, accident-free second-hand fighter jet?” He would then ask me whether or not there were heavy security clearances I would go through, with tons of paperwork to fill out. While I laughed and tried to tell him the paperwork was not that much, I also realized this was just the type of reputation the company had. I could continue to insist that the security measures were not really that intense, but it would make zero difference. The fact is impressions are hard to shake; even more so for the negative ones. Whether from first-hand or third-hand experience, if you have had or heard any bad press from anyone, it leaves a damaging impact that will not be easily removed. For example, for the longest while, my dad was adamantly against Ford because of the Pinto and the problematic fuel tank design in the late seventies. He actually did own one for a while, but luckily he sold it before anything explosive occurred. While Ford obviously learned from their mistakes, and have changed from their faulty design, my dad still has not purchased any Ford vehicle since his Pinto. So when Func decided to enter the audio business with the Func HS-260, I did have my doubts. Func has sent us some great products in the past, including the Func KB-460 and the MS-3 Revision 2, and have proved they can produce competitive computer peripherals. However, APH Networks have seen experienced companies take their try at diversifying with less than positive results. As Func’s first headset is marketed to be “candy for your ears”, can their start really be this sweet? Or will the sound leave a bitter taste? Read on to find out!

via Func HS-260 Review (Page 1 of 4) | APH Networks.

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