Genius GX Manticore Gaming Keyboard Review

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Final Thoughts

Despite not being an actual mechanical keyboard or even feeling like one, the GX Gaming Manticore has plenty of other interesting features that are suitable to the task. Most notably are the well-placed and well-designed Macro buttons on the left side.  The staggered and angled design of these buttons make them very easy to access even without looking since they are easily distinguishable from each other and the rest of the keyboard. The macro keys are also lower profile, so accidental key presses are significantly minimized. The profile switching buttons below the space bar is also well-thought out, compared to other keyboards which only has a single button for profiles switching,  three individual profile button means users don’t have to cycle through when trying to look for a specific macro. This saves a split second of time but in gaming terms, that is a big advantage.

GX Gaming Manticore

The multimedia controls above as well as the instant macro recording button also further adds to the convenience and accessibility on the GX Gaming Manticore. The USB pass-through extends desktop functionality and does not hinder performance, although there was a slight clearance issue when it came to plugging in USB thumb drives. For those who wish extensive backlight color options, the GX Gaming Manticore definitely delivers with the added bonus of having three separate sections that can be adjusted.  Overall, the GX Gaming Manticore is a decent alternative to the GX Gaming Imperator Pro, with improved design, anti-ghosting cluster and more enticingly, lower MSRP of $79.99.

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