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GIGABYTE Force H3X Gaming Headset Review

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Closer Look at the GIGABYTE Force H3X Gaming Headset

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The Force H3X only comes in one color: black. Where its competitors try to attract customers with different colors, GIGABYTE opts for classic black. The headset is very light, as it weighs only 310 grams. The dimensions of the Force H3X are 210mm in height (closed), 189mm width and 77mm depth. This size suits the average head well, as I have an average head, and I had no problems wearing the Force H3X .

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As I have mentioned, the Force H3X has that futuristic look and the pictures above do a good job showing the shiny design of “V” embedded on each side of the headset. The whole headset is made of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is very durable and light in weight. I can see why GIGABYTE wanted to use it in this unit.

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Each side is designated by L and R letters. When you do put this headset on pay attention to L and R markings. If you accidentally switch the headset around, your head will feel discomfort and the ear cushions won’t align. When you are traveling, the Force H3X could be folded in half and stored away in the included carrying pouch.

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The cushions are made from a rubber-like foam. When the cushions are up against the ears, they create a tight seal between your ears and drivers. As I have mentioned earlier the Force H3X has two 50mm drivers. What makes these drivers special is the Neodymium magnet which is at the base of each driver. Most speakers are built with iron ferrite magnets. These magnets are heavy, but offer good performance. Neodymium magnets are much lighter and offer the same performance as iron ferrite magnets. This explains why the weight of the Force H3X is so light. Neodymium magnets are widely used in many applications such as sub-woofers and headsets.

Fun factor: Ever opened a mechanical hard drive? Did you remove the head from the enclosure? Was it surrounded by a set of alloy looking magnets? Those are the Neodymium magnets.

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To add on to the comfort, the Force H3X has a cushion on the inner retractable band. If you are going to be playing for hours you have to make sure you stay comfortable. The retractable microphone is located on the left side of the headset. Microphone has (4) 2mm pickup drivers, two on each side. You can play around with the distance and adjustments of retractable microphone as you please.

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The Force H3X has independent audio controls. From this little control box you can adjust volume and turn off and on microphone. There are no digital screens here or push buttons. Everything on this control box looks simple. If you want to mount the controller on your shirt or pocket, you can do that by utilizing the clip on the back.


I found a couple of 3.5mm connectors, one for microphone input and one for audio output. Both of the connectors are gold plated and come with plastic shielding. The cable used in the Force H3X is basically a ribbon cable. It is very flat and light. In my opinion, it is much harder to manage than regular circular cables.

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