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GIGABYTE Force H3X Gaming Headset Review

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logoDon’t you hate that when you are camping with a sniper rifle and all of the sudden some one sneaks up behind you and puts a knife through your head? Of course! We have all been there. Don’t you wish you heard that guy who was sneaking up on you? Maybe then you could have switched to a Desert Eagle and gave the bad guy what he deserved? I remember when the early versions of Counter-Strike were released everyone just had to get over-the-ear headsets so we could hear everything that was going on in the game such as steps and ambient sounds. Having a good, solid headset was always a challenge. Over the years, gamers moved on to more complex games like Battlefield and Crysis, but the same principles still apply; I am talking about sound effect and audio game experience with the newest games audio experience being just as important as the graphics of the game.

Today, I am going to be taking a look at one of the newest products by GIGABYTE, the Force H3X. Force H3X has been designed for gamers and gamers only. This particular headset weighs almost nothing, but also packs two 50mm drivers on each side. Let’s take a closer look at the Force H3X and see what else this little unit has to offer.

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The packaging of the Force H3X is rather unusual. I have to say, I have never actually seen bent corners on a box before. If I had to guess, I would say GIGABYTE was going for that 3D look for the Force H3X. About a quarter of the headset is exposed to the potential users through the plastic. The overall appearance of the packaging box is a pleasant one as I found pretty much all of the features the Force H3X has to offer in the back of the box.


“Hard-Core Gaming Headset” is clearly labeled on the front of the box. Not sure you need to specify anything here, as the unit itself looks very much hard-core with its futuristic looks by itself. What caught my eye is the Extreme BASS feature as the Force H3X promises a bold sound, which just might come in really handy when you are watching a tank explode.


In addition, more info on this headset can be found on the side of the box. The Force H3X has independent volume control, 3.5 mm gold plated jacks for playback and record and a retractable microphone.


Removing the Force H3X from the box was pretty easy. Just a couple of tugs and pulls and the presentation base was in front of me. There isn’t much that is included with the Force H3X. The Force H3X package consists of the unit itself, a carrying pouch and a tiny chamois cloth.

Technical Specifications

Driver DiameterHeadphone:50mm
Impedance32 Ω
Frequency ResponseHeadphone:20Hz-20KHz
Microphone:-44 +/-3dB
Maximum Power Input50mW
Cable Length2m

Article Index: >>    A Closer Look at the GIGABYTE Force H3X Gaming Headset »

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