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GIGABYTE Force H3X Gaming Headset Review

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Performance and Testing Results

There isn’t a better way to test headsets than just to use them. I have been using the Force H3X for about three weeks now, so my personal experience comes from this time frame. The Force H3X is extremely comfortable to wear, the driver cushions are rather soft to the touch. The upper cushions are a bit more tough as it is made of some kind of gel like foam. My ears would not fatigue after the long period of use which is surprising because I have sensitive ears.  The whole headset is very light and I like that about it.

The quality of sound reproductions is above average. What I have experienced with the Force H3X is that, it does in fact, have more bass coming from the drivers. The bass is clean without any dropouts or distortions. While playing first person shooting games I didn’t notice many flat segments in sound. Most of the sounds were either explosions or gun fire. I think this is where the Force H3X has its stronger side, in gaming sound reproduction. I also spent some time listening to music and YouTube clips. Vocal sounds are spot on and I have no complaints against voice reproduction. Most of the music I have listened to had no issues and I didn’t notice any distortion with jazz or rock. I occasionally listen to drum, bass and dub step. This is where I noticed some flat sound on the high end sounds. With dub step I experienced less volume of the sound than any other type of music.

Sound isolation in the Force H3X is pretty good. Once you are playing music or playing a game you really don’t hear any of the outside sounds interfering with the experience. This particular headset does not have active noise reduction so passive sound isolation is important here. I feel the Force H3X does a great job isolating outside sound. Observing the Force H3X I have not experienced any RFI/EMI (Radio Frequency Interference/Electro Magnetic Interference) issues while using this unit. This shows that the shielding is done properly inside of the unit.


Microphone recording did not impress me at all. In fact, I think the downside of the Force H3X is its microphone. I have adjusted the pick up levels to be about 50% and you can hear the test below. From what I saw in my usage of microphone the audio pretty much stays flat without volume. Bass is non-existent here. Without any software to suppress noise the sound recording with this unit would be below average.

Microphone recording via 3.5mm:

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