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Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-UP4 AMD FM2+ Motherboard Reviews –

The F2A88X-UP4 fills a spot in Gigabyte’s lineup of thirteen FM2+ boards that is at the upper echelon, just shy of the top G1.Sniper gaming platform. It features Gigabyte’s newest Ultra Durable 5 Plus component design, utilizing IR (International Rectifier) Digital PWM Controllers and PowlRstage ICs. Cooling these components is Gigabyte’s integrated three-way heatpipe heatsink design. Also included is Gigabyte’s DualBIOS, Two-way CrossFire, 2x Copper PCB and onboard debug LED and quick buttons. All FM2+ boards are backwards compatible with FM2-based processors, but obviously they’re made with the latest Kaveri chips in mind.

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