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The Green Way by Hostiti Modding

Inspiration for modding projects can come from a variety of places. Even something as simple as picking a color for a theme or as bold as going against a popular trend can be a good way to start a creative modding activity. For Etienne Hostein of France and his “Green Way” project, it is a combination of both.

Words from the Modder:

Being a Nvidia graphics cards fan for some years, I wanted to create a mod dedicated to the reference design of its high-end cards. Furthermore, I was a bit tired of seeing all these red and black setup. This is Asus ROG who started this trend among gamers and other brands have followed almost naturally. Then, as Nvidia is represented by the color green, so it’s the color that I chose to highlight in my mod. The objective of this project was to create a setup based on a 3-way SLI. So I chose what it did best (in my opinion) to build a PC that is balanced while remaining on affordable components.

The Green Way by Hostiti Modding

The main materials used were aluminum and plexiglass. The aluminium is soft metal that is easily worked. So I used to make a part of the backplate, the cache-psu, fill the bottom of the case that houses the watercooling part and facade to create a plate to discreetly integrate a fan controller. The plexiglass was used for its light scattering properties. So I used it as the basis for backplate and achieve the Nvidia logo on the case front.

The Green Way by Hostiti Modding

As for my first mod, I wanted to stay on rather simple and accessible modifications. I did not want to get into too complicated project I would have been afraid of never finished. However, given the success it has had, it would be wrong to say that I am not satisfied with the result. If it again, I think I would spend more time on the watercooling part Ainis other small details (LED suppression motherboard, suppresion of stikers, painting conneteurs USB3 in green).

The Green Way by Hostiti Modding


  • Motherboard GIGABYTE G1 SNIPER 5
  • CPU i7 4770K
  • RAM 16Go Corsair LP
  • 3-way SLI GTX780
  • SSD Kingston HyperX 120Go
  • RAID 1 Western Digital RED 1To



  • Pomp Swiftech MCP 355
  • Top EK-XTOP DDC Plexi
  • Waterblock Swiftech Apogee
  • Rad Docmicro 280 slim
  • Res EK multioption X2 RES 100
  • Tubing rigide EK 10/12
  • Fitting EK HD 10/12
  • Liquid Mayhems green mint pastel

To check out more of Etienne Hostein’s work, visit Hostiti Modding on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hostiti-Modding

The Green Way by Hostiti Modding

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