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Wooden Travel Case Case Mod

Grant Anderson’s Wooden Travel Case Case Mod

I built this as it was something I’d always wanted – a Bond-Style computer in a case.  It’s kind of retro and quite tactile as the case is solid wood and there’s lots of brass hinges and catches (plus secret compartments)

Wooden Travel Case_175617

It’s designed to fill the gap between laptop and computers – it’s portable and plugs in with just one cable, yet it has the advantages of a full-sized PC, only minus all the cables and fuss.

Wooden Travel Case_180031   

It has a large 22″ IPS Screen, a built-in amplifier and some serious speakers, plus the computer itself.  And when not in use you can simply close it up and it looks like a cool wooden travel case.  You can also unplug the built-in screen and run a cable to plug in an external screen.

Wooden Travel Case_180225

It’s built around a gaming laptop that a friend gave me as the screen was broken and it cost too much to replace.

I took it apart and added a few extras before being built into the wooden case I custom made for the purpose.

It has an Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 2.13Ghz CPU, 4GB RAM, 2x 320GB HDD, 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9500M Graphics, DVD+/-RW +/-DL, Card Reader, Gigabit LAN, Wireless N (with custom antenna), Bluetooth, eSATA, USB 2+3, Webcam and Mic.

Wooden Travel Case_183255

Plus the computer there’s a 22″ LG IPS screen and a separate amplifier hooked up to some quality speakers – this thing is great to watch films or listen to music.


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