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GX Gaming Zabius Headset by Genius is Now Available in North America


GX   Gaming Zabius Headset is Now Available in North America

Experience Explosive Gaming   Sound on PS3, XBOX 360, PC and Mac

March 27, 2014, Chino, California   – GX   Gaming, the   professional gaming peripheral line by Genius, has launched the Zabius   universal gaming headset. This comfortable universal headset system thoroughly   brings crystal clear audio from each of its 40mm drivers with explosive bass   and pulsing tones to the gaming battlefield on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3,   PC, and Mac.

Compatible with   Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, PCs, and Mac

Connected by a 3 meter (10 foot)   long anti-tangle cable, the in-line controller allows gamers to switch   between XBOX 360, PS3, and PC/Mac mode and adjust chat and volume settings on   the fly.

GX Gaming Style

The Zabius gaming headset brings   that extra touch of style to any gaming system. Accompanied by 40mm neodymium   drivers for crisp, clear sounds, the stealthy black exterior framing,   aggressive red trimming, and cool metallic finish ushers gaming style in true   GX-Gaming fashion. Brilliant red LED illumination flashes along with the   bass.

Comfortable for   Long Gaming Sessions

Comfortable to wear during long   gaming sessions, the Zabius’s durable, lightweight framing lowers its center   of gravity to evenly distribute headset weight. The ear cup and headband   cushions are lined with dynamic fibers designed for active heat and sweat dissipation.

Users can adjust the Zabius   for a comfortable fit with individually positioned swivel ear pieces and an   adjustable soft leatherette headband. The headset features a flexible   microphone arm that can be detached for streamline usage.

Price and   Availability

The GX Gaming Zabius universal   gaming headset is now available for the suggested retail price of USD 99.99 ;   CAD 119.99.

Package Contents

  • Zabius gaming headset
  • Detachable microphone
  • 2.5mm Xbox LIVE cable
  • 3.5mm to RCA stereo splitter        cable
  • Multi-language user manual

Product information and   photos are now available at:

About Genius

Genius   is a leading international brand in personal peripheral products connecting   people to their devices in the mobile and digital world. Established by KYE   Systems Corp. in 1983, Genius’s products has been recognized and honored by   many prestigious industry design awards like Red Dot, IF Design and Good   Design. Genius has always been going after better user experience through   innovation, simple design and high quality measures in its product line   ranging from keyboards, mice, touch pens, trackpads, speakers, headphones,   power banks, docking stations, gaming controls, carrying cases and additional   wired and wireless accessories that will help people stay connected to the   mobile and digital world. For more information, you can visit the Genius   website at www.geniusnet.com.   Also, you can view the Genius company profile on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyaWkIDodxI.

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