Introduction to Computer Power Supply Sleeving Tools

For those of you that want to take your case mod to the next level you will need to make sure that you wiring is the best it can be. There are different ways to get the end results but you need to make sure that you have the correct tools. Our in house pro power supply sleever, Joe Angel Mercado, walks you through the Power Supply Sleeving Tools that you need to get the best results possible. Be on the look out for the next video in the series where he shows you the proper way of doing this sometimes difficult process.

Tools used in the video

Wire Stripper
Supply Sleeving Tool Wire Stripper
Flush Cutters
Supply Sleeving Tool Flush Cutter
Self Healing Mat
Irwin Quick Grip
Molex Extractor
Supply Sleeving Tools Molex Extractor
ATX extractor
Paracord Threader
Supply Sleeving Tool Paracord Threader
LC Ratchet Crimper





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