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Jabra SPORT Wireless+ Stereo Bluetooth Headset

It’s a fact that Bluetooth wireless earphones are gaining ground over normal wired ones but unfortunately exactly like the majority of normal ones there aren’t that many models available in the market that can withstand the extreme requirements people who work out have. This is particularly true for runners since not only do the earphones need to stay glued on the ear at all times but they also need to keep working in the event of rain (or too much sweat). Now these two issues may not seem as very important to some people myself included but all the serious and professional athletes I’ve ever met in my life were always looking for the solution. Jabra was amongst the very first manufacturers to tend to that problem with their very good (for a wireless headset) SPORT wireless Bluetooth headset (we had the chance to test it roughly two years ago) and since we all know that they never stop improving their products it was only a matter of time before they introduced its successor. Well they did and so today we will be taking a look at their brand new SPORT Wireless+ Bluetooth Headset.

via Jabra SPORT Wireless+ Stereo Bluetooth Headset.

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