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Kingston Savage 8GB 2133MHz Memory Kit Review

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Test System and Benchmarks

For testing purposes we used CPU-Z. This program is made for detecting hardware settings. Super PI is used as a stability test. It basically puts a heavy load on the CPU and RAM in order to calculate PI to 32 million digits. In addition to this we will be using Aida64 to test the Read, Write and Copy speeds.

CPU Intel Core i5 4670K @ 3.4GHz
Cooler Custom Dual Loop Liquid Cooling System
Motherboard MSi Z97M
Hard Drive Primary: Crucial M500 128Gb SSD
Case Phobya WaCoolT Test Bench

Alright first up lets check the speeds the memory supports with CPU-Z.

1600mhz stock

1600mhz XMP profile

2133Mhz XMP profile


Now a stability test at the highest rated speed using Super PI.

Sability test

Kingston Savage 8GB 2133MHz Memory Kit Review Kingston, Memory 1

Our Aida64 tests show that the settings have progressively improved as they were adjusted. Since this is a 1600mhz stock kit. Your not going to get much more out of it than the 2133mhz X.M.P. Profile it has built in even bumping up the voltage a bit did nothing to improve performance beyond that point.


 This Savage series is the replacement for the Genesis series. At it’s $76.99 price point the Kingston Hyper X Savage 2133mhz kit is in the reasonable range. The heatsinks have an aggressive design that definitely look menacing. At the same time they are not so large as to effect the installation of large CPU coolers or Radiators. However they are only available in Red. (They will be painted Black after this review.) Other than the color options I have no problem recommending this kit to my customers.


[sc:recommended_hardware_award ]

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  1. Great review Nick. I think the pricing is vary good for Ram at this speed and the aggressive styling should be appealing to a lot of builders. Looks like a win for Kingston!

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