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Meshie : by Tazz

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Meshie : by Tazz 1


     After I had the mesh panels fitted properly. I drilled my four mounting holes and installed the panels to see how things are going to look. Seeing that I am not going to be doing the red to black fade on the exterior of the case I am not totally sure yet if I will leave these mesh panels in their raw color.


Meshie : by Tazz 2     Meshie : by Tazz 3



     Here we can see the mesh panels both installed into the front panel using 4 screws per section. The contours for the top and bottom line up pretty closely and I am happy with the result up till this point.


Meshie : by Tazz 4     Meshie : by Tazz 5


     Next, I decided I would make a rear fan grill that would look similar to the meshed front panels. The only problem with this mesh is the size of the holes. To use it directly over a fan will result in limited air flow and increased noise from the turbulence. So I decided to get a little creative.



Meshie : by Tazz 6     Meshie : by Tazz 7

      I pulled out the drill and a slightly oversized drill bit and started drilling out the holes. Before I got to the center section I decided to leave a section of holes that would show the MI initials. Then proceeded to drill out all the holes except the center ones.

Meshie : by Tazz 8     Meshie : by Tazz 9


Meshie : by Tazz 10     Meshie : by Tazz 11

     You can see the result in the next few photos. I thought about putting a little color on the MI area but hadn’t locked down on the idea yet. I will have to see how things look once I get closer to completion. If I decided not to put color on the mesh, you can see that it will blend in nicely with the aluminum inner structure of the case.

Meshie : by Tazz 12     Meshie : by Tazz 13


     Flipping the front panel around you can see that I even back panted the mesh. The main reason I did this was simply to make it look a little more uniform if the top door was open.


Meshie : by Tazz 14     Meshie : by Tazz 15


     The Aluminus came with a couple of aluminum 3.5″ bay covers so I decided to give them a light sanding to give them a brushed aluminum look. I wanted to see how things looked through the mesh so I could decide if I wanted to do all of them in brushed aluminum or stick with the stock plastic covers.  

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