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Meshie : by Tazz

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Meshie : by Tazz 1      I did some playing with an MI logo on the side optical drive cover. Simply printed the logo out on projector film and used clear coat to hold it in place. The first time through this worked like a charm. I wasn’t able to reproduce it so easily on the second attempt when I tried to do the same thing on the side cover with the extra length for the LCD. Meshie : by Tazz 2     Meshie : by Tazz 3 At this point I finally start playing with the lighting more. Trying to get everything to light up evenly without being to overly bright. Meshie : by Tazz 4     Meshie : by Tazz 5


Meshie : by Tazz 6     Meshie : by Tazz 7      I finally have everything setup and lined out just about as good as shes going to get. Meshie : by Tazz 8     Meshie : by Tazz 9      I did toss a small Thank You on the side of the case for the appropriate people :D. Meshie : by Tazz 10     Meshie : by Tazz 11      It was then time to swap in a new board and processor configuration. The only bad thing about doing this was the fact that I could find the damn clip for the water block :(. The entire time I was playing off of this Sapphire Pure Innovation board for its white color with red accents. So after checking around to see if any friends had a spare CPU cooler (not enough time to order one before I left) that they could bring in case my quick fix doesn’t hold for the trip. I whipped up a small plexi plate and shimmed it up with some double sided tape :D. Not the best solution, but it held for the trip there and back with no problems. Meshie : by Tazz 12      I simply kept adding enough tape between the plexi and the water block till I thought I had the proper amount of tension on the block. Meshie : by Tazz 13     Meshie : by Tazz 14      Looks much better with the white Sapphire board in there I think. Meshie : by Tazz 15     Meshie : by Tazz 16

Meshie : by Tazz 17     Meshie : by Tazz 18

Meshie : by Tazz 19     Meshie : by Tazz 20


     As we can see above, Meshie did make the trip down there and was able to strut her stuff… :D. She did take some damage though. I have the case turned in wards to hide the scratch on the front from where someone opened the box and cut through the extra padding into the mesh. I have the keyboard sitting on top of the case covering up the nice dent it recieved on the top and then the right panel took a beating along the bottom edge. Luckily though, I was able to hide or halfway flex it back into shape for the show.

     Unfortunately, the trip home was even harder on her. Every panel took damage again on the way home besides the one panel most would think would be the first to get axed. Thats right, the windowed panel was the only one that didn’t receive any damage at all going or coming. Go Figure!

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