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Meshie : by Tazz

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     Next I pulled out the side vent and cut the honeycomb design out of it and filled down the edges. Meshie : by Tazz 3     Meshie : by Tazz 4      I then sanded the paint off and cut a mesh panel for it. Meshie : by Tazz 5      Above you can see the new panel installed on the side panel. Meshie : by Tazz 6      The next step was to start working on a new support panel for the mobo tray supports. A little earlier on I removed the 3.5″ drive cage to gain more room for hardware and give the inner area a cleaner look. Well doing so reduces the clutter, but also removes the solid support that the mobo tray supports connect to. To help resolve this issue I cut out another piece of mesh to make a new support out of. I add a lip to the top of it so I can bolt it to the lower section of the optical drive cage and then fit it to the lower support brackets that the hard drive cage connected to.



Meshie : by Tazz 7    Meshie : by Tazz 8


          With the support panel in we can proceed forward with the modding.  Meshie : by Tazz 9     Meshie : by Tazz 10      I did a quick test fitting with the power supply and slipped the panels all back on see how the overall picture was going to come out at this stage. Meshie : by Tazz 11     Meshie : by Tazz 12


Meshie : by Tazz 13     Meshie : by Tazz 14      Everything was looking as planned. On with the modding we go.

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