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Metallic Gear: Neo Mini mITX Case Review

Neo Mini mITX

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A Closer Look at Neo Mini

This case dimensions are 190mm x 355mm x 375mm with the power supply mount is on the top of the motherboard. The frame of the case is made from Steel and covered by Sandblasted Aluminum sheets. The skeleton of the case is supported by double rivets for additional stability.

There aren’t any external 3.5″ bays or any ability to add one. The front of the case has a removable aluminum bezel with a little engraved logo of MetallicGear on the bottom. On the back of the case, there are two PCI slots and a fan cutout to support one 120mm fan. As I have mentioned earlier, the power supply mounting is located on the top of the case.

The power button is located on the top of the case. On the bottom of the case are four plastic feet with rubber pads glued to them. There is also a removable filter which helps to keep inside of the case free of dust.

The tempered glass mounts to the case via four thumb screws. On the top right of the tempered glass, there is a stylish design which is painted on the glass. The right side of the case has a simple steel door with a magnetic removable filter. This door is secured by a pair of thumb screws.

The front panel/bezel can be removed to perform simple maintenance tasks. The front of the bezel is made from aluminum and the sides of the bezel are made from ABS plastic.

This case offers headphone and microphone jacks, two USB 3.0 connections and an RGB switch for the front panel. It is possible to install two 120 or 140 mm fans or 240 or 280 mm radiators in the front of the case. Power supply mountings are standard for ATX power supplies. Maximum power supply length clearance in this PC case is 190 mm.

The motherboard tray is non-removable in this case however, it does have a large cut out for fast and easy CPU cooler installation. In the image above, you can see removable the SSD mounting that could be removed to gain access to the motherboard. A little cable shield is on the right side of the case. This shield is removable when you need to gain access or to snake cable. Neo Mini comes with only 1 pre-installed 120 mm fan which is mounted in the front of the case. This fan is non-RGB or PWM enabled.

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