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MNPCTech Machined Billet Aluminum Case Feet

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     The final look of the case feet turned out perfect to match the mod. The Machined Billet Aluminum Case Feet go for $29.99 at Bill’s shop, and they are worth every penny of that. They will look great on any case and are easy to install. If your using them on a case that uses a thin aluminum bottom panel you might think about doing a support similar to what I showed for the Plexiglas mounting. It will all depend on just how thin the lower panel is and heavy your rig is. This is another great product from MNPCTech, and yet again we have a situation where you can’t say a bad thing about them. Make sure to head over to MNPCTech and check out all the great products Bill has.





Billet Aluminum
Great Looks
Doesn’t mark up your desk.
Easy to install.

Are you kidding me?

Modders-Inc Hardware Score

Modders-Inc Editors Choice Award

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