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Mod-One Case Feet Overview

Mod-One was started in 2016 by Kevin Keating, former VP of American case manufacturer, Case Labs. Originally, Mod-One only had products from MDPC-X, such as their famous MDPC-X sleeving and sleeving related tools. However in recent months, Kevin has brought on more modding related tools and introduced his own line of custom premium case feet. Kevin was nice enough to send us several sets of his small and full sized case feet for this overview as well as to try them out on our mods.

Mod-One Case Feet Overview Case Feet, caselabs, m1, mod-one 1

Photo used from https://mod-one.com/m1-double-g-mini-pc-case-feet-black/

Review Sample Provided by: Mod-One
Product Name: M1 Case Feet
Price at time of review: Small M1 Feet $24.99, Large M1 Feet $29.99
Product was given in exchange for work done to produce this review.


The M1 series of case feet come in two sizes, small and full sized. Both sizes are machined from aluminum and their naming scheme is derived from the number of grooves around the base of the foot. All feet are available in either black or a silver finish. Personally I would recommend the silver/raw feet for those looking at doing a custom paint job on them.

Mod-One Case Feet Overview Case Feet, caselabs, m1, mod-one 2 Mod-One Case Feet Overview Case Feet, caselabs, m1, mod-one 3

Photos used from https://mod-one.com/m1-quad-pc-case-feet-silver/ and https://mod-one.com/m1-single-g-pc-case-feet-black/

At the base of each foot is rubber ring insert, to help prevent in marking up desk surfaces.


Mod-One Case Feet Overview Case Feet, caselabs, m1, mod-one 4

Photo used from https://mod-one.com/m1-quad-pc-case-feet-silver/

Each foot is mounted to the case via a single threaded hole. Both full and small sized case feet utilize a  10-32 thread to mount the feet to case. Kevin has told me that his may be revised in later sets but for those that receive this variant, all that is needed to mount the feet to the case, is a 3/16th drill, the included lock washers and 10-32 screws. On most cases, the case feet do not require any drilling, and the existing mounting holes can be used. Kevin shows in one of his videos how easy the case feet are to install, by installing them with one hand while filming with the other.



Overall with the many options available between both small and full sized case feet and the ease of use, the M1 line of case feet from Mod-One.com will make an excellent addition to any existing case/ scratch build. Although their price can be considered a bit of a premium, they offer a small touch that can set your mod apart from the rest of the competition. For these reasons, I give the M1 series of case feet from Mod-One the Modders Inc Recommended Hardware award. Modders-Inc Recommended Hardware Award


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