MSI Core Frozr L CPU Cooler Review: Frozr Goes Vertical

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A Closer Look at the MSI Core Frozr L

The MSI CORE Frozr L is a CPU air cooler measuring 140 x 155 x 84mm right out of the box, which is slightly wider-bodied compared to most 120mm air coolers. This wider stance makes up for the slimmer side profile for optimal RAM module height clearance.

There are four 8mm heatpipes arranged in a U-tower formation, although these are arranged so that it creates an off-center mount. This is done to provide extra clearance for the video card PCI-E slot despite the wider body. When mounted in a north-south orientation, this also gives the cooler extra clearance for memory modules. These heatpipes take heat from the contact surface and distribute it to a 52-fin radiator array. These aluminum fins are almost completely open in the center with the exception of a spline running down the middle and on the side edges where the vibration dampener paddings are attached. The side fins are also almost completely open except for an 11.30mm wide stacked edge. If you look at the aluminum fins from the bottom, there are actually airflow guides along the center which push the air towards the heatpipe area of concentration.

Adding a top plate cover on the heatsinks is one of the more trendy features on many new heatsinks but MSI takes it one step further by providing LED lit, swappable covers available in silver (default) or black. This also invites creative modders to play around and truly personalize their CORE Frozr L heatsink. An adapter wire cable is bundled with the cooler so users only need to power both the fan and the LED with a single 4-pin PWM plug.

MSI Core Frozr L

The contact surface measures 39 x 38mm, large enough even for an LGA2011/LGA2011-3 CPU IHS. The heatpipe contacts at the base are extremely clean with zero residue visible. These thick 8mm heatpipes and the rest of the surface are nickel coated copper. The contact texture is of a brushed metal look that is not smooth in any way.

The bundled fan is a 120mm MSI Torx fan attached to the aluminum body via a pair of fan clips. The corners have red rubberized padding for vibration dampening and also insulates the 120mm fan frame from scratches when locking it in via the fan clips as the contact is very snug and tight.

Learning their lesson with video card fans, the MSI Torx fan bundled is also designed with silence in mind. It utilizes as many as 14 blades with specialized impeller features that enable a smooth and lower-noise PWM operation as it pushes air into CORE Frozr L heatsink body. The struts on the exhaust side are all straight and is actually running concurrently with the fan blade flow.

MSI uses a hydro-dynamic bearing underneath the big 43mm hub, offering significantly longer lifespan and quieter performance on average compared to sleeve or rifle bearing after-thought fan bundles found on many mainstream coolers. The bundled 120mm Torx fan ramps up to 1800 RPM and begins at a range of 600 RPM. Under normal or standard PWM presets, it stayed at 1000 RPM on average under constant load.

 MSI Core Frozr L FanXpert of 120mm TorX fan

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