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MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G GPU Review

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MSI GTX 770 Overclocking Performance

As mentioned earlier I was able to kick the GPU up to 1489 MHz. Due to the time constraints I really didn’t have any time to mess with the memory frequency. In order to use said clock speed, all benchmarks had to complete without any errors or graphical corruption. Cooling wise, I let the MSI Afterburner control the fan speed slope and the setting was left on auto.

In Firestrike we break 10,000 on a single card for under $400.00


In Valley, we get a nice little 100 point bump.



There almost a 200 point difference between the stock and overclocked in Heaven.


In our gamingMSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G GPU Review 4 gigabytes, Gaming, Maxwell, MSI, Nvidia 1 benchmarks for the overclocking tests, we used the same testing method as on the previous page..

Overclocking didn’t do too much in BF4 as we only see about a 3 FPS gain.


In Tomb Raider we see an 8% gain. This takes game play close to 100 FPS.



Bioshock Infinite shows a 4% gain in performance over stock.


Metro: Last night saw the biggest gain with around an 11% increase in frames per second.


The GPU killer gained another 4 frames per second over stock.


Power Consumption



To measure power draw, I looped the Metro:Last Night benchmark for a total of 5 times. At a specific time intervals, I took the reading on the screen of the Kill-a-Watt EZ then averaged them. I left the all the power management functions at their stock settings and did not change the fans speeds in the drivers.


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