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MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G GPU Review

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MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G

MSI GTX 970 GamingThe GTX 970 that we received from MSI is part of their “Gaming” series of products and since this GPU is in their Gaming series, the packaging follows along.


DSC_2957The rear of the box goes into more detail about the Twin Frozr V cooler and details out the features of the GPU.


DSC_2980The MSI GTX 970 Gaming’s color scheme follows along with the rest of the Gaming line up. The black and red really sets a nice tone for the innards of the case.



DSC_2979The other side of the MSI GTX 970 features the heatpipes for the Twin Frozr V cooler. There are a total of five heatpipes that run from the base of the cooler to the fins.


DSC_2974Topside we have the two 10 CM fans are featured. The fans have a special blade design that is supposed to move more air through the heatsink. This in turn keeps the GPU cooler. The fan blade design is also supposed ot resist dust build up.


DSC_2958On the I/O end of the MSI GTX 970 there are two DVI, HDMI, and a Display Port for all your connection needs. There’s a DVI to VGA adapter included with the kit.



DSC_2978At the rear of the MSI GTX 970 the heatsink just barely peeks out below the fan shroud. Just to the lower left is the PWM fan header. Each of the fans can be independently controlled through MSI’s software.


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