MSI Vigor GK70 Gaming Keyboard

A Gaming Keyboard with Toughness

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Many of the keys on the MSI Vigor GK70 Gaming Keyboard perform double duty.  Using the MSI Gaming APP and Mystic Light software, you can adjust the built-in profiles or set up new ones.  Many of the settings can be done right on the keyboard itself, which eliminates the necessity of installing the software on every computer you connect with your MSI Vigor GK70 Gaming Keyboard.

A great compliment to the MSI Vigor GK70 Gaming Keyboard is the MSI Gaming APP.  It is a single screen has some powerful profiles for all your MSI gaming products.

The Mystic Light software allows you to sync all your MSI RGB devices and customize the RGB patterns to your own personal whims.

Here we see the MSI Vigor GK70 Gaming Keyboard all lit up in its RGB Glory!




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David Bremer

News Writer and Product Reviewer.


  1. I love these kind of compact keyboards. Do we have an option of using blue or black switches with this keyboard? Or does it only come with reds by default?

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