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     After having the chance to play with all three versions of the Noctua fans and the seven different setups they offer amongst them, I have a hard time finding a complaint about any of them. The only real draw back I see with the Noctua fans is possibly the color choice. It all really depends on what your looking for in a case fan. If your looking for a long lasting, quiet, performance fan, the Noctua NF-R8-1800, NF-S12-800, and NF-S12-1200 will all fit right in depending on your mounting needs. If your going for something that looks good installed in your custom modded case, these fans can still fit right in with a touch of modding. I know I am not the only person to use a little vinyl die or spray paint on a couple of fans. I would seriously consider the Noctua fans for any build. They outperform the standard sleeve bearing, or ball bearing fans on the market and are moderately priced from $15 – $20 US. That is a small fee to pay for a set of quiet low rpm fans that can still get the job done.






Excellent performance across the board.
Low RPM.
6 Year Warranty
Easy to install.
Color (Preference)

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