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Patriot 256 EP Micro SDX Card Review

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With how big YouTube and other social media platforms have gotten in the past several years, it seems that everyone has a camera and a vlog these days. Top that with how affordable a good 4k capable camera is now, there is more and more high-quality footage being uploaded every day. However, when recording 4k footage, its not just the camera that matters. 4k footage means large files that require faster speeds than if you were recording 1080p footage. If you’re recording in 1080p, you can get away with a slower SD card that would be on the cheaper side. The more budget-oriented SD cards usually run at 80 MB/s. When recording in 4k, you need a card that runs at a minimum 95 MB/s or better. But with most all storage, the faster the speed, the more expensive drive, or in this case, the card. A card that runs 300 MB/s, with 256 GB of storage can run you 250 USD or more.

But, do you want a fast card that doesn’t cost $250 or more? This is where Patriot comes in with their all-new EP Series of SD cards. With speeds of 100 MB/s, Patriots EP Series are designed with 4k video in mind. They have plenty of speeds to handle recording and playing back 4k video and with capacities up to and including 256 GB, there is more than enough storage to handle the file sizes.  But, just to make sure, we ran a 256 GB EP Series SD card through our suite of benchmarks and some real-world testing. So, what are the benefits to using Patriots EP SD cards? Let’s find out.

Specifications and Features

Product Name:                                   EP MicroSDXC


Patriot Part Number:                          PEF256GEP31MCX

Description:                                        EP Series 256GB MICRO SDXC V30 A1

Certifications/Safety:                          CE/ FCC/ RoHS

Product Warranty:                              3 Years


Unit UPC:                                           814914024805

Unit Weight:                                       0.00066 lbs. / 0.3 g

Unit Dimensions:                               0.039” (H) x 0.43” (W) x 0.59” (L)

0.1cm (H) x 1.1cm (W) x 1.5cm (L)


Package Type:                                  Blister Pack

Package Weight                                0.023 lbs. / 10.3 g

Package Dimensions                        0.338” (H) x 5.2” (W) x 3.93” (L)

0.86cm (H) x 13.2cm (W) x 10cm (L)

Spec Sheet


  • Complies with SDA 6.X/ 5.X/ 3.0
  • A1 App performance class
  • Video speed class: V30
  • Read speed up to 100MB/s
  • Write speed up to 80MB/s
  • A1 performance results may vary based on type of app, select model, host device, and additional factors
  • IOPS: 2500 /1350
  • 4K recording
  • Class 10, U3
  • Voltage: 2.7 – 3.6V
  • Operating Temperature: -25C to 85C
  • Storage Temperature: -40C to 85C
  • SD Adapter included

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