Patriot Viper V570 RBG Laser Gaming Mouse Review: Red, Green and Blue

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A Closer Look

First impressions do matter and I was overly impress of the look and feel of the Patriot Viper V570. The top buttons are coated with rubber like substance to provide maximum grip for primary and secondary buttons. Thumb also has a rubber insert however this one is more coarse than front buttons. The red button on the top are used to cycle profiles of the mouse. There are total of four of highly customizable profiles. Dimensions of Patriot Viper V570 are 8 x 4 x 13 CM. Its approximate weight is around 160 grams.

Footing of the V570 is based on five ceramic pads which are glued to the mouse. I strongly recommend using V570 on a soft mouse pad. Using V570 on plastic mouse pads would scratch the ceramic pad (over time). The position of laser is slightly offset to the right.

On the left side of the mouse there are eight customizable buttons. The thumb button is preset to 400 DPI and is often used in first person shooter games. A quick switch to lower DPI will greatly improve sniping. There are not buttons on the right side of the mouse. It is also worth to mention that there is no rubber grip on the right side either.

Some LED are being piped through the front of the mouse, adding it that super slick look. We have seen these in other manufacturers and it looks like it’s becoming an industry standard in LED/RGB mice. The back of the mouse is an oval shape. When the hand sits on the mouse it sits comfortably and the wrist is lightly elevated from the surface. (I have medium hands). Track wheel is plastic based and is wrapped with rubber with threads.

V570 connects to the computer via USB connector which is gold plated for better connectivity. The cable is cloth braided and about 1.8 Meters long. What is interesting about this cable is that it has a filter on it to minimize interference on the wire.

Installing additional weight is pretty easy. The top portion of the Patriot Viper V570 can be removed by pulling the tab on the back of the device and weights are pushed in secured in the rubber enclosure. Entire mouse is built from ABS plastic and is pretty solid in construction. RGB LEDs are actual extension of the LEDs on the board so the color is smooth and soft.

Internal Components

There are two different type of LEDs in the Patriot Viper V570 LED bulbs and micro LEDs. The LED bulbs provide much brighter and more softer light than the micro LEDs that you can see on the front of the mouse and on the top. As I have mentioned earlier, the Laser is a little bit offset in this mouse but this does not interfere of any of the functionality of the mouse.

Micro switches that are responsible for the side buttons are genetic and do have a different feel to them when clicked. To an untrained ear it is difficult to spot the difference between switches. V570 also has a few bigger switches that have much softer sounds to them. These are the profile switches and two side switches on the left side of the mouse.

Track wheel decoder is by TTC. TTC makes great decoders and this one is great as well. The scrolling of the track wheel is relatively smooth however you do feel the traction. When browsing the web or simple navigation’s there is no problems what so ever however, when it comes to accuracy this track wheel would not be helpful in the game. This track wheel was not meant to be used for accuracy. Left and right buttons are by Omron. These are very durable switches and will provide a great performance for the life of your mouse.

Micro controller is by SONIX (SN8F22E83B). This controller is 8 bit and offers wide operating range 1.8V~5.5V @32mips. This chip responsible for all of the advanced functions of V570.

LED controller is by Macroblock Inc (MBIA043GP). Unfortunately there is not enough information on the manufacturers website. I have tried to reach out to the manufacturer but was not successful.

Laser is provided by Avago (9800). This Laser is widely used across different manufacturers as it provides accuracy and speed. The DPI adjustments for V570 can be reached as high as 12000 and Avago is the sensor that makes it happen.

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