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Patriot Viper VPR100 NVMe SSD RGB 1TB Review

Too Fast Too Furious

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Closer Look at the Patriot Viper VPR100

There are two SK Hynix H5AN4G8NBJR 4GB DDR4 DRAM cache chips (one on each side of the module).

Viper VPR100


There are four NAND 256GB chips which bring total capacity to 1TB. I couldn’t find more information on these chips.

Viper VPR100


Phison E12 Series Controller (PS5012-E12) is the heart of VPR100 and is responsible for its transfer speeds. This controller supports capacities from 256Gb to 2TB with approximate 3000MB/s Read/Write Sequential speeds. 4K Random Read/Write has 600K IOPS.

Viper VPR100


To accelerate flash operation VPR100 has a Holtek 32 bit ARM processor F52231.

Viper VPR100

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