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PDXLAN 25 Casemod Winners

PDXLAN, the largest LAN party in the Northwest just wrapped up and with it, is their case mod contest graced by such notables as Ron Lee Christianson and Brian Carter who took 2nd and 1st place prizes respectively. Brian “Boddaker” Carter is known for his TRON cycle build and Battlestar Galactica case, updated his American Hotrod inspired Cosmos Cruizer (based on a CM Cosmos case) which wowed everyone at the event. Part of the build log from its inception can be seen here on the Modders-Inc worklog forums. The update Cosmos Cruizer can be seen below:


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Ron Lee Christianson of Blue Horse Studios, the artist behind such builds as the Resident Evil Biohazard and Half-Life Black Mesa mods, shocked and awed the attendees with his elaborate ALIENS casemod built from a CM HAFX and Stacker 915 case:


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Special thanks to Ron Lee Christianson and Heath Coop for providing photos of the mods at the event.

You can see more of Ron Lee Christianson’s work at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BHSTECH/, https://www.youtube.com/user/RONLEEC1, and http://bluehorsestudios.blogspot.com


Heath Coop is the Editor-in-Chief of http://www.pro-clockers.com: Hardware Reviews, One Megahertz at a Time

You can check out more of Brian Carter’s work over at http://www.bods-mods.com

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