Podcast #45 – Fun with Foam

Podcast #45 - Fun with Foam

The Alienware Mod-off results are in and Team Modders-Inc takes second place with an Ancient Aliens inspired theme with foam made to look like rocks. Joe also shares a bit of information about his current casemod for Corsair inspired by Jinx from League of Legends’ Shark Cannon. This mod is built from a 380T using some foam material as well. This leads to a discussion of using foam, Worbla and other cosplay materials for modding as well as a feature casemod project that uses foam as well entered at Cooler Master’s #CMCASEMOD2016 event: The Bahia Blaster by Maciel Barretto.

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Episode cast:


  • Joe Mercado (Host)
  • Dewayne Carel
  • Ron Perillo

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