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Type 3 Cables (AXi, RM and HXi series. CS-M and CX-M series as well except for the 24-pin)

corsair power supply pinout

Corsair AX1200

Corsair AX1200

Corsair AX1200 close up

Corsair Type 4

Corsair Type 4

It has been brought to our attention that the US and UK Type 4 PSU have a different pin out on the 24 pin, this could be to adjust for ripple control when using 110v vs 220v standards, but keep in mind this pinout will more than likely not work for the UK models. 

Corsair Type 4 Close up

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Joe Mercado

With an unholy union of super glue and sleeving we have Joe Mercado. Joe started modding in his teenage years and just a few years back he began the task of learning everything there was to learn about sleeving. Known in the community for his craft, he now teaches and gives pointers to new sleevers seeking help.


  1. Not saying this pinout is wrong for corsair Type 4.

    UK / US can be different.

    I can confirm myself Rear view of 10 pin and 18 pin.

    Pin 4 on the 10 connector is at pin 7 on 18 connector.
    Pin 7 on the 18 connector is at pin 4 on the 10 connector.

    Pin 2 on the 18 Connector is at position 3 and Pin 3 is in position 2.

    UK Edition Corsair RMi1000.

  2. Hey Michael, just sleeved up a type 4 PSU using the diagram and it tested positive, so as you stated there must be a difference between the US and UK models, maybe to handle the 110 vs 220 standards, thanks for that note though I will mark it as US model.

  3. Hey Cy, they are not, while the 24 pin uses a similar pin out the PCIe pin out is different and the connectors that lead to the PSU.

  4. I created a file for this because the corsair sleeved cables type4 have some diferent pinout. They at the end are matching with the polarity but at first it scared me a bit

  5. Hello sir!
    You have awesome article.
    I have Seasonic 750 Snow silent. Which one should I follow to sleeve?

  6. Hey, I talked with Joe and believe it or not he has not sleeved that particular power supply… yeah I was shocked too! If we can get the info we will post it.

  7. This scheme is for Gen 3 or Gen 4 ?
    I’m from EUR and i don’t know what scheme i need.

  8. What pinout can i use for my sf750? The cable should be Type 4.But the PCIE have not the same Pinout as Type 4

  9. Are the cables that are compatible with the SuperNOVA G2 series compatible with any other series such as the G+

  10. The pinout for the ax1200 is WRONG . i have an original one all oem wires and would happily share photos . This is the kinda thing that causes problems. It’s not your guys fault though as Corsair just straight up doesn’t have the correct info, or they just aren’t aware of what they had made for them but i hope some one reaches out

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