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Rosewill STAR PREDATOR Case Review: Balance Between Price and Value

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Hardware Installation and Clearance Issues

IMG_8128 IMG_8129

As you can see from the images above, everything is pretty tight in this case. For CPU cooling I am using Cooler Master Nepton 120 XL. I didn’t have any issues mounting the radiator on the back of the case. It is possible to keep cabling neat here as there are some spacing between the skeleton of the case and doors. I am using two R9 290 cards in this case and as you can see they barely fit. If you have any longer cards, one of the hard drive cages could be removed.


I haven’t has any issues installing a DVD ROM drive in STAR PREDATOR. Installing 5.25″ accessories require no tools to install. I could fit up to two 5.25″ devices in the front of the case. There is no additional internal space for mounting 5.25″ devices.

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